Australian Deer Association Code of Conduct
  • Members who do not abide by this Code may be subject to disciplinary action or expulsion from the Australian Deer Association Inc.
  • No member should act in a manner which would bring discredit to recreational hunting or the Australian Deer Association Inc.
  • Members must obey the laws, regulations and codes of practice relating to hunting in the States in which they hunt.
  • Members should learn about the issues relating to conservation, recreational hunting, animal welfare and hunting ethics.
  • Where deer are impacting on the environment, private property or the public, hunters should assist in controlling these impacts.
  • Members should adopt safe hunting practices, for example, with respect to firearms, bushcraft and fire.
  • Members must use a bow or rifle adequate for the species of deer being hunted. The recommended minimum calibre for hog and fallow deer is .243 and for red deer, chital, rusa and sambar is .270. For bows a minimum draw weight of 22.5 kilograms is recommended.
  • Members should be competent in the use of their firearms and bows.
  • No shot should be taken at a deer when a rapid kill cannot be reasonably expected and in the event of an animal being wounded it must be dispatched quickly and humanely.
  • If a deer is shot, the whole carcase should be taken, but if this is not possiblethe venison should be utilised.
  • Hounds and companion dogs should be kept in a clean and healthy condition and housed, transported and hunted humanely.
  • Companion dogs should be under the control of the hunter at all times.
  • Hunting hounds should trail the deer's scent, work the line and voice.Fresh hounds should not be introduced to a hunt.
  • Any companion dog or hound that attacks a deer or hunts other wildlife must either be retrained or retired from hunting.

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